Notify Me When in Stock

Details of 'Notify Me When in Stock'
  • If an item you are interested in is out of stock, you can request to receive an alert via email when it is back in stock. Please click on the "Notify Me" tab on the product description page and follow the sign-up steps.
  • If you haven’t received an email to say the item you want is back in stock, this means that we haven’t received our delivery yet. We will surely let you know when it is back in stock and ready for you to purchase.
  • If you have received email alert about item in stock and upon visiting the site it is out of stock again, this means the item is very popular and has unfortunately sold out. You can sign-up to the "Notify Me" service again in just a few clicks.
  • If the product is discontinued between the time you requested a stock alert, you will receive an email to let you know. In this case please come back to the site and see if we have another product that suits your needs.
  • In Global Store, we do not keep items in our stock and only arrange it based on customer's specific orders and against advance payment. When you use "Notify Me" tab for any item in Global store, we will check the stock at our supplier end and based on availability, send you an email alert. If you wish to purchase desired item in given delivery time, we will take you through the ordering process.