About Us


Looking to upgrade your riding gear? You’re at the right place! World of Wheelz is India’s first one-stop destination for a wide range of high-quality cycling products on offer by global brands at competitive prices! Additionally, on offer are replacement goods with easy returns, as well as technical support provided by our team of experts and cycling enthusiasts. Gain your miles with World of Wheelz!

The WOW Global Store

Can’t find your gear on the WOW store? Browse through our Global Store and place an order for your product - we will ship it for you with no extra charges and with minimum delivery time.

About Us

World of Wheelz is an initiative of avid cyclists with a singular mission – to cultivate the sport of cycling in India. As we explored the country on our wheels we realised the severe lack of quality equipment in India for cycling enthusiasts. To bridge this gap, WOW has partnered with leading global cycling brands to provide high-end quality products in India at competitive rates.

Say no to expensive shipping, custom duties, and non-refundable damaged goods with WOW.

The WOW Global Store, an extension of our goal, allows you to place orders for products that is locally unavailable at the WOW store. We will ship it for you with no extra charge and with minimum delivery time.

If you are still unable to find your choice of gear on our Stores, contact us and we will attempt to secure it for you from our global network of partner brands and sister organisations.

Our team of experts and cyclists are also happy to offer you technical support on product information, consumer suitability, and old-school biking wisdom – all free of charge!

We understand the thrill of discovering the world on your own two wheels. For us, its not about the money – its about the ride.
Gain your miles with World of Wheelz!