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Looking to upgrade your riding gear? You’re at the right place! World of Wheelz is India’s premium destination for a wide range of high-quality cycling products on offer by global brands at competitive prices! Additionally, on offer are replacement goods with easy returns, as well as technical support provided by our team of experts and cycling enthusiasts. 

The WOW Global Store

Can’t find your gear on the WOW store? Browse through our Global Store and place an order for your product - we will ship it for you with no extra charges and with minimum delivery time.

About Us

Who we are?

World of Wheelz is an initiative of two cycling enthusiasts and close friends, Nitin Nagpal and Nitin Yadav. The two founders met on a fondo cycling group ride on the famous KMP expressway near the capital, Delhi. They instantly connected on their mutual love for the sport and then pursued this passion on many group rides, indoor and outdoor workout rides, trail rides and the most beloved of all - bike touring. This took them all over the country - from the famous Manali-Leh tour to the Satpura forest reserve in Madhya Pradesh, a cycling tour from Delhi to all the way to the India-Pakistan border (near Jaisalmer), to name a few. From that first meeting, the love for cycling has only magnified and has translated now into this initiative called World of Wheelz.

How we started?

Any seasoned cyclist would agree that the right equipment/gear can be a complete gamechanger to your cycling experience. Long rides, rough terrain, and other constraints like the weather conditions don't necessarily have to be an obstacle because contrary to what one may believe, there are equipment out there that could make your experience so much better! The only problem was the lack of availability of such equipment in India.

We ourselves went through the same experience. It was during a coffee discussion in early 2018 about the difficult access to high quality and latest technology gear that gave birth to the project. We spent the next couple of months exploring different brands and developing the business model. In Aug-18, our online store was live with top quality brands!

How we work?

Our online store is not just another another e-commerce platform selling anything and everything related to cycling. We aim to present fellow cycling enthusiasts like us with a curated collection of the best brands and products from around the world that are of the highest quality and value for money to our customers.

We constantly keep updating our catalogue with new products from brands that we represent in India based on customers feedback. Please feel free to drop us a message if you particularly like a product by the brands we work with and we'd be happy to add it to our stock listing.

We try our best to offer maximum information and technical specifications about each product that we list on our store. You can also see lots of images and videos of the products so that you have a clear idea of what you're buying. If there's still something you'd like more details on, drop us a message and we'll be happy to answer any of your questions. Because we're avid cyclists ourselves, we speak a language you understand :)

Your passion shouldn't be a burden on your wallet. Which is why, when we decided to launch this venture, we ensured that the local prices of all brands and products that you see on our webite are at par with the international prices, as much as possible, despite the high import taxes. So, as a customer you are in a win-win situation: you get the convenience of ordering locally with full warranty and service support, all at same price which you would've paid if you ordered these products overseas.

All the brands that we represent are listed on other online/ecommerce stores specializing in selling cycling products in India. We maintain a good partnership with these stores and want all our products to be visible and easily available to all customers across India. And we ensure you get consistent price across all platforms for all the brands & products. We want you to focus on our product quality and how it can add value to your everyday riding, and leave spending your precious time in looking for cheaper deals.

Not a fan of online shopping and want to get the true look and feel of the product before buying? We got you covered!

All our products are also available in carefully selected local bike shops in each major city across different states in India. We have curated this network of partners based on their willingness to offer premium cycling products and services to customers, their technical knowhow and customers' feedback. You can get in touch with your local bike shops to get any of our brands/products and they will happily arrange it for you. This could be particularly useful for items such as apparels and shoes where size and fit are very important.

Our offer is not just limited to providing you access to the best of products. We understand that cycling gear sometimes require maintenance/repairs. Should you need any spare part, repairs or warranty claim for any of the product and brand that we represent, feel free to contact us directly irrespective of local bike shop or online platform from where you bought the product. We take great pride in offering exceptional service support to customers who invest in these brands to make their cycling experience as fun and hassle-free as possible!

Global Store

Say no to expensive shipping, custom duties, and non-refundable damaged goods with WOW.

It is practically impossible to stock 100% of catalogue items in each size and model for all brands. We understand some of our customers may like to order premium model of shoes/apparels or other products which are not kept in our stock. Global store is a concept we introduced to serve such customers. We have listed selective items from each brand in Global Store which we don't usually keep in stock. These items can be arranged against specific orders from customers. You can check the product price and specification in global store and then place order. We don't charge any freight or extra charges for arranging these items in shortest possible time. If there is any item from any of our brand which you need (that may not be listed in our store), just send us a quick enquiry. we will get back to you with minimum lead time.