Crash Replacement Policy

The more you ride, the bigger the chance bad luck crosses your path. It breaks our heart, but we understand that crashes can happen. That is why we offer our valued customers a crash replacement program. It does soften the pain of losing a loved one. Currently, WOW is offering Crash Replacement Policy as part of its customer support initiative on following brands -

  • Santini Apparels
  • Abus Helmets
  • Parcours Wheels


    Terms & Conditions:

    This policy is available for all authorised retail stores as well as online store partners of WOW.

    This policy applies when Customer/Rider is involved in an accident and suffers damage on his Abus helmet, Santini Apparels and/or Parcours Carbon Wheelset. The policy is applicable for 2 years period from date of original purchase.

    This policy is only valid for the original purchaser and does not include any third parties. Product must be purchased from WOW or from any our authorised online & retail store partners within India.

    Under the policy, Customer can order replacement of same or equivalent item (Helmet/Apparel/Wheels) at substantial discount on MRP.

    The replacement will always be the same model as the original or the nearest current equivalent if the original is no longer available.

    Crash Replacement Discount applicable on each brand will be as per below -

    • Satini Apparels - 50% discount (1st year), 30% discount (2nd year)
    • Abus Helmets - 50% discount (1st year), 30% discount (2nd year)
    • Parcours Wheels - 30% discount


    This policy can be cancelled or amended at any time without prior notice.

    Proof of accident (images/video etc) must be shared by customer and damaged/crashed item is required to be returned to WOW. Decision to cover an item under Crash Replacement Policy will be taken by WOW based on information shared by customer/Store Partner.