Promotion Code

How do I use WOW Promo Voucher code?

Browse WOW store for our wide range of items and select the products you wish to order and add them to your cart. There may be product restrictions on the use of a promo voucher code, please check the voucher code terms and conditions for full details.

Enter the promo voucher code into the relevant text box in cart page. Once the text for the code has been entered, Click on "Add".

  • Please note that only one promo voucher code can be used per basket.
  • Promo voucher codes can only be redeemed against in stock items and cannot be used against out of stock items
  • Promotional vouchers cannot be used to purchase gift vouchers.

This will then apply the voucher to your order and update your order cost summary. A successful entered voucher will generate a confirmation message. Proceed to checkout to place your order as normal.

Having trouble applying the WOW Promo Voucher code?

Please check to see if the products you have selected for purchase exceed the minimum order value as set out in the promotion voucher code terms and conditions. This will also be messaged in any advertising.

Please check that the products in your basket are included in this offer. For a list of product types which are excluded from the offer please see the promotion voucher code terms and conditions. For example, all items required to meet the minimum order value threshold will have to be in stock.

Ensure that the voucher code is still valid. The offer end date will be detailed in the promotion voucher code terms and conditions.

If this information is not helpful: Visit Help